Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the prices VAT inclusive?
    • Yes, all prices include Estonian VAT of 20%. If you have a VAT number in your country, we can issue 0% VAT invoice. If you want your purchase to be shipped outside the EU, we can issue 0% VAT invoice.
  2. How to purchase from online store?
    • Please navigate to the product you wish to purchase, click “Add to cart” and then “Checkout”. Fill in your information and click “Submit order”. It’s very easy to buy from the online store – no need to register an account.
  3. Are the products available at the warehouse? How long is the delivery time and do you ship to my country?
    • Availability is shown on every product’s page, most of the products are available on the same day. We can send the laptop to you anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost using DHL Express.
  4. Are the laptops sold by new, used or refurbished?
    • All laptops are brand new unless stated otherwise. Occasionally we have demo models available for a discount price.
  5. Does the charger come together with the laptop or would I need to buy it separately?
    • All laptops come with a charger.
  6. What does 4G LTE WWAN ready mean?
    • This means that the laptop is ready to be used on mobile network. The computer has an empty SIM card slot, internal WWAN antennas and an empty socket for internal 4G module. You need to insert a SIM card and 4G module which is available separately.
  7. Will the laptop computer come with installed operating system?
    • Yes, all laptops come with preinstalled operating system and are ready to be used. All software is in English.
  8. How come your prices are so low compared to other resellers?
    • Since we are the largest Lenovo supplier in Estonia, we get bulk pricing and therefore can offer better deals for the end customer. Our margins are lower and sales are higher.
  9. How can I pay for goods? Can I pay by card? Is financing available?
    • You can by bank transfer, in cash or finance through our partners. Debit and credit card payments can be made only through SmartPost or PayPal – additional fees may apply.
  10. How can I apply for financing or leasing?
    • Financing is available for individuals and businesses through our partners LHV and SVEA. Leasing is available through Fusion Liising. Please select “Financing” from the menu for more information.
  11. Why can’t I find Lenovo IdeaPad and Edge series laptops on your web store?
    • We are focusing on Lenovo high end business laptops. This means Lenovo T, X, P, Yoga and L series laptops. Lenovo IdeaPad, Edge seeria are not meant for business use and therefore out of our focus.
  12. Can I come and see and compare the laptops before submitting an order?
    • Yes, you can come to our office store and check out the demo laptops. We recommend checking beforehand if the model you are interested in is available at the office.