Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Dock + laadija 135W Refurbished

Kuumakse al. 7.25  / 18 kuud

115  94.26 +KM

Sobib ThinkPad: A285, A485, L13 G1-G2, L13 Yoga G1-G2, L14 G1-G2, L15 G1-G2, L480, L490, L580, P14s G1-G2, P15s, P43s, P52s, P53s, T14 G1-G2, T14s G1-G2, T15, T480, T480s, T490, T490s, T495, T495s, T580, T590, X1 Carbon G6-G8, X1 Yoga G4-G5, X13 G1-G2, X13 Yoga G1, X280, X390, X390 Yoga, X395 A285 20MW MT, A285 20MX MT, A485 20MU MT, A485 20MV MT, L13 Clam 2nd Gen 20VH MT 2020, L13 Clam 2nd Gen 20VJ MT 2020, L13 Clam 20R3 MT, L13 Clam 20R4 MT, L13 Yoga 2nd Gen 20VK MT 2020, L13 Yoga 2nd Gen 20VL MT 2020, L13 Yoga 20R5 MT, L13 Yoga 20R6 MT, L14 AMD G1 20U5 MT 2020, L14 AMD G1 20U6 MT 2020, L15 AMD G1 20U7 MT 2020, L15 AMD G1 20U8 MT 2020, L480 20LS MT, L480 20LT MT, L490 20Q5 MT, L490 20Q6 MT, L580 20LW MT, L580 20LX MT, L590 20Q7 MT, L590 20Q8 MT, P14s 2nd Gen 20VX MT 2021, P14s 2nd Gen 20VY MT 2021, P14s AMD G1 20Y1 P14s AMD Gen 1, P14s AMD G1 20Y2 P14s AMD Gen 1, P14s AMD G2 21A0 P14s AMD Gen 2, P14s AMD G2 21A1 P14s AMD Gen 2, P15s 1st Gen 20T4 MT 2020, P15s 1st Gen 20T5 MT 2020, P15s 2nd Gen 20W6 P15s Gen 2, P15s 2nd Gen 20W7 P15s Gen 2, P43s 20RH MT, P43s 20RJ MT, P52s 20LB MT, P52s 20LC MT, P53s 20N6 MT, P53s 20N7 MT, T14 2nd Gen 20W0 MT 2021, T14 2nd Gen 20W1 MT 2021, T14 2nd Gen 20W2 MT 2021 HC, T14 2nd Gen 20W3 MT 2021 HC, T14 AMD G1 20UD MT 2020, T14 AMD G1 20UE MT 2020, T14 AMD G2 20XK T14 AMD Gen 2, T14 AMD G2 20XL T14 AMD Gen 2, T14s 2nd Gen 20WM T14s Gen 2, T14s 2nd Gen 20WN T14s Gen 2, T14s AMD G1 20UH MT 2020, T14s AMD G1 20UJ MT 2020, T15 2nd Gen 20W4 T15 Gen 2, T15 2nd Gen 20W5 T15 Gen 2, T480 WINDU 2.0 20L5 MT, T480 WINDU 2.0 20L6 MT, T480s KOLAR 1.0 20L7 MT, T480s KOLAR 1.0 20L8 MT, T490 20N2 MT, T490 20N3 MT, T490 20Q9 MT, T490 20QH MT, T490 20RX MT, T490 20RY MT, T490s 20NX MT, T490s 20NY MT, T495 20NJ MT, T495 20NK MT, T495s 20QJ MT, T495s 20QK MT, T580 20L9 MT, T580 20LA MT, T590 20N4 MT, T590 20N5 MT, ThinkPad L14 20U1 MT 2020, ThinkPad L14 20U2 MT 2020, ThinkPad L15 20U3 MT 2020, ThinkPad L15 20U4 MT 2020, ThinkPad P14s 20S4 MT 2020, ThinkPad P14s 20S5 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14 20S0 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14 20S1 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14 20S2 MT 2020 HC, ThinkPad T14 20S3 MT 2020 HC, ThinkPad T14s 20T0 MT 2020, ThinkPad T14s 20T1 MT 2020, ThinkPad T15 20S6 MT 2020, ThinkPad T15 20S7 MT 2020, X1 Carbon 6th Gen 20KG MT, X1 Carbon 6th Gen 20KH MT, X1 Carbon 7th Gen 20QD MT, X1 Carbon 7th Gen 20QE MT, X1 Carbon 7th Gen 20R1 MT, X1 Carbon 7th Gen 20R2 MT, X1 Carbon 8th Gen 20U9 MT 2020, X1 Carbon 8th Gen 20UA MT 2020, X1 Yoga 4th Gen 20QF MT, X1 Yoga 4th Gen 20QG MT, X1 Yoga 4th Gen 20SA MT, X1 Yoga 4th Gen 20SB MT, X1 Yoga 5th Gen 20UB MT 2020, X1 Yoga 5th Gen 20UC MT 2020, X13 AMD G1 20UF MT 2020, X13 AMD G1 20UG MT 2020, X13 G1 20T2 MT 2020, X13 G1 20T3 MT 2020, X13 G2 20WK X13 Gen 2, X13 G2 20WL X13 Gen 2, X13 Yoga 20SX MT 2020, X13 Yoga 20SY MT 2020, X280 20KE MT, X280 20KF MT, X390 Yoga 20NN MT, X390 Yoga 20NQ MT, X390 20Q0 MT, X390 20Q1 MT, X390 20SC MT, X390 20SD MT, X395 20NL MT, X395 20NM MT

Seisukord: Refurbished

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Laost otsas




T490, T480, T490s, T480s, T590, T580, P43s, P53s, P52s, X390 (Yoga), X280, X1 Carbon 2018-2019, X1 Yoga 2019, L490, L480, L590, L580


2x DisplayPort (HDMI), heli/mikrofon, RJ45 võrk, 5x USB-A, USB-C


135 W


6 kuud


Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Dock 2018+ arvutitele

Lenovo ThinkPad Pro Dock 2018 omab järgnevaid ühenduspesasid:
2x DisplayPort (HDMI), heli/mikrofon, RJ45 võrk, USB-C, 3x USB 3.1, 2x USB 2.0
Komplekti kuulub laadija 135W


The ThinkPad Pro Docking Station is designed exclusively for 2018 and newer ThinkPad T, L, X, and X1 Series laptops to provide the best docking experience for large enterprise ThinkPad customers. The innovative side connector provides a slim, driver-free way to connect conveniently and securely to a range of USB accessories and external displays, while rapid charging support and a mirrored power button make it easy to undock and go. For IT Managers, the mechanical ThinkPad Pro Dock supports PXE book, wake on LAN, and MAC address pass-through for, simplifying asset management. Painstakingly designed after extensive feedback from ThinkPad customers, these new ThinkPad docking stations provide seamless connectivity through dual USB-C and ethernet ports. Transfer data at 5 Gbps via three USB 3.1 ports, and connect to dual UHD displays, too.

Features & Benefits

Enterprise-class, universal, mechanical side-docking station
Supports ThinkPad RapidCharge
Built for 2018 ThinkPad L Series, T Series, X Series, and X1 Series laptops
Can charge mobile devices with 15W and 10.5W from USB-C port and USB3.0 always power-on port respectively

What’s in the Box

ThinkPad Basic Docking Station (with key lock and 2 keys)
ThinkPad Slim Tip 135 W Power Adapter and Power Cord
Setup poster
Warranty poster

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