ThinkPad Thunderbolt 4 Dock + laadija 135W

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Sobib kõikidele ThinkPad mudelitele, millel USB-C pesa. Lisaks sobib kõikidele muudele arvutitele, millel USB-C ühendus koos Power Delivery + DisplayPort toega.

USB-C / Thunderbolt standard võimaldab edasi kanda kuni 100W toidet (135W laadijaga) või 65W (90W laadijaga). Kui arvuti maksimaalne voolutarbivus on suurem kui 100W, siis võib dokist tulev toide olla ebapiisav.

Sobib ThinkPad 13, T14, T490, T480, T470, T14s, T490s, T480s, T470s, T15, T590, T580, T570, P51, P50, P14s, P43s, P15s, P53s, P52s, P51s, P71, P70, X1 Carbon G5-G9, X1 Yoga G2-G6, X13 (Yoga), X390 (Yoga), X380 Yoga, X280, X270, Yoga 370, L13 (Yoga), L390 (Yoga), L380 (Yoga), L14, L490, L480, L15, L590, L580, E14, E490, E480, E15, E590, E580.

Sobib ThinkBook 13s IML, 13s ARE, 13s ITL, 14 IIL, 14 ITL, 14 ARE, 14 ACL, 14s ITL, 14s Yoga ITL, 15 IIL, 15 IML, 15 ITL, 15 ARE, 15 ACL, Plus IML.



Add-ons total:





2x DisplayPort, HDMI, heli/mikrofon, RJ45 võrk, 4x USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt 4


135 W


92 W


1 aasta


  • Enterprise-Grade Universal Thunderbolt™ 4 Docking Experience: ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 Dock delivers reliable and consistent industry leading video, data and power connectivity in a Windows based mixed-PC environment.
  • Maximise Your Productivity: Expand your horizon with versatile 8K display support or multiple 4K displays support, silent firmware upgrades, VPro/AMT support and transfer data at lightning fast 40Gbps. The ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt 4 is future-proof and fully loaded to take your productivity, efficiency and creativity to the peak.
  • Key details

    The ThinkPad Universal Thunderbolt™ 4 Dock supports upto 100W PD, Single 8K@30Hz or upto 4 4K@60HZ display support, silent firmware upgrades, vPro/AMT Pass through support, and data transfer rates upto 40 Gbps (depending on host system and peripheral processing capability, file attributes, and other configuration and operating environment factors).

    Tech Specs

    Color Black/Red
    Max Number of External Monitors 4
    Weight 0.45 Kg
    Refresh Rate 1* 8K 30Hz Via HDMI 2.14*4K 60 Hz
    AC Plug Slim Tip
    Hardware Requirements Host with USB-C/Thunderbolt port
    Warranty Type CRU
    Output Power Max 100 W
    Brand ThinkPad
    OS Requirements Win10 64
    Packed Weight 1.2 Kg
    Agency Approvals RCM, CB
    Audio Ports 1* 3.5 mm Audio combo Jack
    Charging Port DC-IN
    Thunderbolt Port 1* Thunderbolt Port – for Host connect1* Thunderbolt Port – for Device connect
    USB Ports 4* USB-A1*USB-C
    Video Ports 1* HDMI 2.12* DP 1.4
    Ethernet 1* Gigabit Ethernet
    Package Type brown box
    Packed Dimensions (L x D x H) 270 mm x 195 mm x 85 mm
    Height 30 mm
    Length 220 mm
    Depth 80 mm
    Maximum Operating Temperature 40 Celsius
    Minimum Operating Temperature 0 Celsius
    Maximum Relative Humidity (%) 95%
    Minimum Relative Humidity (%) 5%
    Driver Needed Yes
    Included Accessory 135W adapter, 1x power cord, standard Thunderbolt cable
    Input Power 20 V 6.75 A
    Physical Security Feature 1* NanoSaver lock slot1*MicroSaver lock slot
    Power Button Yes
    Power Delivery Yes
    Shipment Group ThinkPad Universal TBT 4 Dock;135W AC Power adapter;Power cord;Setup poster&Warranty Poster Standard TBT 4 Cable

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