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Vaikne Lenovo juhtmevaba Bluetooth optiline hiir.



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Lenovo Bluetooth hiir

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The ThinkPad Bluetooth Silent Mouse takes a well-worn concept and turns it on its head, delivering a productivity device that doesn’t get in the way of the busy professionals who use it. It sculpted to be comfortable to rest your palm on, with a low-profile, minimalist design that makes the mouse easy to carry and fit into pockets without bulging. Get more done with the blue optical sensor that allows you to work on most surfaces, revolutionary, distraction-free silent buttons, and on-the-fly adjustable DPI controls. Effortlessly pair with up to two devices at once and quickly switch between them with the push of a button, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and Microsoft Swift Pair technology.

Features & Benefits

Dual-host Bluetooth 5.0 to switch between 2 devices
Swift Pair to conveniently connect to new devices
Silent buttons without the annoying click sounds
Blue optical sensor that works on most surfaces
On-the-fly DPI adjustment: 2400, 1600, 800
Up to 1 year batter life on a single AA battery (may vary based on usage)
Batteries included

Tehniline info

1.5V, 60mA (max)
Kaal (ilma patareita): 61g
Kaal (koos patareiga): 84g
Mõõdud: 10.7×5.8×2.9 cm
Patarei kestvus: umbes 1 aasta (oleneb kasutusest)

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